Frustrating Game Design

Video games provide entertainment to people on a massive scale. Right now, there are about 2.8 billion people around the world who consider themselves gamers. One of the reasons video games are so popular is because of the freedom the player experiences, especially the freedom found in open-world games. Exploration, customization, combat, etc., are aspects that draw gamers to large franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, Fallout, Witcher, and Assassin’s Creed. As time goes on, the genre continues to grow, but the bigger it becomes, the lack of innovation continues to persist. The genre has become plagued with ‘busy work,’…

Uncharted Territory

Created By: @Xenolith3D

For quite some time, there’s been a rumor about PlayStation assembling a studio to work on a sequel to Uncharted 5. It would be the first mainline game in the series not developed by Naughty Dog. I’m sure many people are skeptical about another studio, especially a new one, developing a game to a beloved series, but I feel like there is room for innovation in both gameplay and storytelling to make it worthwhile. So I decided to put a list of things I want in Uncharted 5. …

Emotionless Storytelling

Tenet (2020) dir. Christopher Nolan

[Spoilers Ahead!]

I’m going to keep this short: Tenet isn’t good. I can only describe it as a self-masturbatory 2 hours of complete nonsense. Yes, the film is impressive in some aspect, but its storytelling is so lackluster that it needs to be addressed. So let’s lay out the criticisms:

  1. The unnecessary, confusing plot.

Tenet is confusing, once you understand the confusion, you realize that it’s not because the movie is smart or deep, rather, it’s poorly written. Majority of the plot details are told to us through exposition. Characters don’t advance the plot, dialogue does. Which completely undermines the…

A Conflicting Choice

Created By: @Berduu


‘Ghost of Tsushima’ is a perfect example of presenting two endings and making them each morally ambiguous and complex. Video games often give us two straight forward choices, either the good ending, where the hero saves the day, or the bad ending, where the hero fails. Black and white morality in games often lack depth and challenge viewers, as it suggests there is one answer to life decisions and there is always an enemy. ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ focuses on telling an interesting story where samurai must choose between tradition and progress, how an individual can fall from grace because he…

Divisive On Purpose

Created By: @Voldsby


Rarely do video games challenge my emotional intelligence, it’s something games arguably don’t do. The ability for a game to make you sympathize, understand, and overcome difficult emotions involving fictional characters, is astonishing. ‘The Last of Us Part II’ is an experiential journey about managing emotions and coming to terms with past decisions and mistakes, both from narrative and player’s perspective. However, its execution may leave fans of the original game displeased. It’s a game intentionally written to test the player’s compassion, despite its bleak setting and subject. How far are you willing to sympathize with the antagonist? Will you…

Jordan O’Malley

Appreciating Good Stories.

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